Double Glazing Windows Prices

Considering updating your home with double glazing? At Compare Local Double Glazing, we understand that while the investment can be significant, the benefits increased energy efficiency, reduced noise pollution and enhanced property value make it a worthwhile choice. This guide provides a comprehensive look at the costs associated with double glazing installation across different types of homes in the UK.

Understanding Double Glazing

Double glazing consists of two panes of glass set within a single window frame, separated by a layer of inert gas or air. This setup provides an excellent barrier against exterior temperatures and noise.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Double Glazing

The cost of double glazing is influenced by:

  1. Window size and type: Larger or custom-shaped windows usually cost more.
  2. Frame material: uPVC frames are typically the most cost-effective, while aluminium and wooden frames are more expensive but offer greater durability and aesthetic appeal.
  3. Glass type: Options include standard double glazing or higher-end versions with UV filters and noise reduction features.
  4. Number of windows: Larger numbers of windows may reduce the cost per unit.
  5. Installation complexity: Installation on higher floors or in hard-to-reach areas can increase costs.
Property Size
Number of Windows
Estimated Cost


4 - 5

£2,000 - £3,200

Small House

8 - 9

£4,200 - £5,700

Medium House

10 - 12

£5,200 - £7,600

Large House

15 - 18

£8,000 - £12,000

These figures represent the average cost for double glazing installation across various dwelling sizes, inclusive of VAT and installation fees.

Long-Term Savings

The initial expense of double glazing is often offset by subsequent savings on energy bills, as better insulation means lower heating and cooling costs.

Choosing the Right Supplier

To ensure you get the best value, Compare Local Double Glazing recommends gathering quotes from several suppliers. We facilitate comparisons between reputable local suppliers, helping you find the most competitive offers that meet your needs.


Double glazing is an excellent investment for enhancing your home’s comfort, security, and energy efficiency. For personalized advice and detailed quotes, simply fill in the online form and we'll get straight back to you. We’re committed to helping you make the most informed decision for your home improvement project.

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